1 Style and the Price of Luxury

1 Style and the Price of Luxury

Cars are the perfect way to express your individuality, your tastes, and not to mention the size of your wallet. Ever since the first car was made drivers - not to mention passengers - have tried to outdo each other in the biggest expression of their wealth, opulence and style. This can be seen in the kinds of cars people drive, and the kinds of cars they are driven in and this is one reason limousines have become so popular, because it is not enough to be wealthy, other people have to see that you're wealthy, not to mention be jealous of your wealth.

Another way wealth expresses itself is in the way cars are accessorised and this can be seen in the move towards every kind of electronic gadget you can think of being installed in a car or limousine. From plasma TVs and full surround sound systems being installed in luxury limos, to GPS, flip down DVD and Bluetooth everything, we accessories to the nines if we can afford it, and hire an accessorised limousine if we can't.

However, the most exclusive accessory of any car is its number plate as no two in the country will ever be the same and if you secure a unique and meaningful number and letter combination on your number plate, you are either very lucky, or very rich. Saeed Khouri rolls in under the latter category after he decided he wanted the best number plate in the world, simply the number �1'. Mr Khouri bought the �1' number plate at an auction in the United Arab Emirates for �7.1 million!

This is a new record for number plate sales and outstretches the previous amount of �3.47 million for the number plate �5', actually bought by Mr Khouri's cousin. Profits from the sale of �1' will go towards building a recovery centre for road accident victims.

So while �1' is now off the books, if you still want to feel and look the best, contact Limo Hire Newport now and we can provide you with the bet and the most stylish limousine in the UK for much less than �7.1 million.

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