Blind Date Limo

Blind Date Limo

With everyone working longer hours and more days and nights, there seems to be less time to meet new people and start real relationships, let alone time to see that person again, even if you wanted to. Therefore, many people have resorted to internet dating, a dating service or blind dating.

This means you are set up with people who seem to be compatible with you on paper (or on screen as the case may be) and you can then send them email messages, phone messages and eventually meet up for a date.

However, there are of course many dating rules surrounding blind dates and those set up over the internet and they are there for your safety. The basic one is that the first few times you meet this new person, it should be in a public place. This is a sensible rule as there are many people who use internet dating services to prey on innocent daters and you are probably better off meeting in a public place.

However, this is not terribly romantic and for anyone who has ever gone on a first date, you already feel like everyone is watching you and looking at you and wondering what the two of you are talking about.

Therefore, to ease some of the discomfort surrounding a first date, but still keeping yourself safe, hire a limousine. You can pick up your date in your limousine and there is no need for any clothing codes for you to recognise each other by.

You can choose to direct the chauffeur to a bar or caf� or you can simply cruise around in the limo for your date, and enjoy the city by night and a few drinks from the limo bar.

The chauffeur will also be there in the limo the whole time to make you feel more secure and while you are not technically alone, you will be able to relax and get to know your date with out the public pressure.

So to help your dating life along, but also to help you �watch your back' when meeting someone for the first time, contact Limo Hire Newport now for more information about hiring a dating limo in your area.

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