Body Glitter in Prom Limos

Body Glitter in Prom Limos

With your prom night being one of the most important nights of your young life, you want to make sure you look perfect and feel like a Princess on your big night. Therefore, you have probably spent hours scouring the stores for the perfect dress, the matching shoes, the perfectly accessorised bag and just the right makeup and hair products for the finishing touches.

However, during prom season, limousine chauffeurs notice a new trend, where the backs of their limousines seem to shimmer and shine. Some limousine chauffeurs find that the body glitter which many prom girls wear to accentuate and brighten their exposed skin, rubs off on the seats of their limousine and makes for extra clean up issues.

However, the majority of your body glitter is going to stay on your body, that is its nature and any glitter which does rub off can be easily cleaned with a vacuum or brush afterwards, and anyway, the limousine chauffeur should clean their limousine thoroughly after every passenger anyway so the glitter is likely to come off in the course of routine cleaning.

Some limousine chauffeurs are very picky about their limos and some have even introduced a �no body glitter' rule and a fine to cover the cleaning of any glitter. While some prom goers may be willing to sign this contract, there are plenty of other limo hire companies which understand that the cleanup is part of the hire.

This is one reason why some limo hire companies don't like to do prom limo hire and if you encounter a lot of extra conditions when organising your prom limo hire, or find the limo hire company or chauffeur particularly unhelpful, they are probably not interested in your event and you need to find a limo hire company which does specialise in prom limo hire.

So in looking for the perfect limo for your prom night make sure your limo hire company are willing to take care of your night and not be precious about routine cleanups by calling Limo Hire Newport now.

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