Chauffeurs Association

Industry association membership is a great way to show you are dedicated to your career and your discipline and membership of a limousine or chauffeur association is an easy way for potential limo passengers to sift through the hundreds of limo hire companies in the UK, for one who is committed and certified by their peers.

The Institute of Professional Drivers and Chauffers has been founded to represent chauffeurs and drivers who are serious about providing professional and high quality service to their passengers, as well as work on their behalf if needed. The main focus of the IoPDC is to provide support, and improve the professionalism of chauffeurs, and ordinary professional drivers in other services too.

Services offered by the IoPDC include driver training programs, training in professionalism, test drives and evaluation events, sponsored by major limousine industry manufacturers. Limousine chauffeurs and drivers will also have access to jobs on the IoPDC website, guidelines on working time regulations, traffic information, legal advice, affordable and personalised insurance options and preferential terms for limousine and luxury car purchases.

Also, with the limousine licensing, passenger and regulation laws constantly trying to keep up with the changes and advances in limousine manufacture and use, the IoPDC also offers an all important voice for licensed limousine operators to get their needs and ideas heard and acted upon.

With 250,000 professional drivers already represented by the IoPDC, looking for this certification when you hire a limousine and chauffeur is a great start on the way to determining the quality, reliability and professionalism of your limo hire company.

While there are numerous limo hire companies out there ready to take your money, there are also a lot of industry associations which claim to help, train and certify limousine hire companies and their chauffeurs. However, before you judge a limousine hire company or chauffeur as responsible and reliable because of an association membership, also make sure that firstly the association is real, and secondly that they really do certify and enhance the skills of chauffeurs and operators.

For more information or help in finding a limousine hire company or chauffeur in your area who is dedicated to a dedicated industry association, contact Limo Hire Newport now.