Is Gas Conversion The Future For Limo Firms

Is Gas Conversion The Future For Limo Firms

The prices of renting limos isn't cheap as it is, and having sky high petrol prices doesn't help. So, is gas conversion the future for limousine companies? read on.....

You will find that limo companies who operate their vehicles on LPG are much cheaper on hire prices when compared against a company who are running limos on petrol. This is great news for customers but bad news for the petrol operating firms.

More and more limos are being converted to LPG everyday. They are also being converted to gas whilst being stretched in the factory. This helps the limo sales company sell them faster.

Over the next few months, we are adding more articles about the limo trade and how to help customers save money on limousine rental. So whether you're a customer looking to rent a limo or an operator, and looking for ways to save money on your bills, we can help you every time.

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