Maximum Passengers in Newport Limos

Maximum Passengers in Newport Limos

The current laws in the UK state that limousines can only carry eight passengers no matter how big they are or how many passengers they carry in other countries. This limitation is enforced because of the increased safety risk of having too many people in a vehicle never designed to carry that many. The increased number of passengers means there is no where to go in an accident and the weight rating of most vehicles does not allow more than eight passengers.

However, the fire engine limousines have recently come under attack for carrying their eight passengers. The fire engine limousines are vehicles which have been converted from real decommissioned fire engines and they are very popular with hen's nights, stag night's and children's parties because they still look exactly like a real fire engine and the chauffeur is also in a fireman's uniform. Some fire engine limos will even allow the passengers to put on the fire chief's hat too.

One fire engine limousine was recently charged by police for carrying eight passengers (the legal limit) because they did not have the right sized seats and it therefore didn't matter what the fire engine limo was licensed for. Fire engine limousines are now being regulated under a different law, they are now only allowed to carry five passengers and all children under 4 foot 5 inches will have to ride in a booster seat.

For limousines to be allowed to carry more than the eight (or less) passengers required by law, they need a PCV license which is putting the limo in the category of bus, a speed limiter needs to be fitted to restrict the speed below 100k/h, all seat belts need to secured and a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher must be on board.

For more information about hiring a limousine which can fit all of your friends in for a big night out, or to hire a fire engine limousine to heat up your next special occasion, contact Limo Hire Newport now.

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