Morning After Limo Hire

Morning After Limo Hire

You've probably seen police breath testing drivers in the middle of the day and wondered who would be stupid enough to get drunk over lunch and try to drive back to work. Well these are not the only idiots police are targeting when they breath test you during the day, they are also looking for the people who hit the booze last night.

When you tie on a big drinking session until the wee hours of the morning, catching a few hours sleep before heading out the next day is often not enough to sober you up. So while you may feel better (in terms of not being over the limit, rather than not wanting to throw up), you can still easily blow over and possibly even lose your license.

So while you think you're doing the right thing by hiring a limousine for a big night out so that you don't have to worry about roping in a reliable designated driver, consider hiring your limousine for the morning after too. For example, if you have to get to work or to a family function after a big night of drinking, hire your limousine for the next morning too. This will ensure that you are not driving around when you still have too much alcohol in your system and you have a comfortable limo in which to ride out the worst of your hangover.

Behind the dark tinted windows of your limousine you can discard the sunglasses and concentrate on drinking a lot of water, swallowing a few pain killers and carefully sipping from your coffee before having to leave the sanctuary of your chauffeur driven limo and face the world. The limo ride will also be quiet and smooth so that even if you're feeling a little woozy you have the chance to let your stomach and your head settle before arriving at work.

For more information about hiring your big night out limousine to return the next day, contact Limo Hire Newport now.

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