Nice Cars for Nice Girls

Nice Cars for Nice Girls

Many guys will know either consciously or subconsciously, that cars are a great way to pull girls. In fact, a man's attraction to a certain car is actually influenced by how likely it is that that car will attract women. But this is no surprise to the limousine industry as hundreds of thousands of men hire limousines every year to impress a girl on a date, propose to their girlfriend or ask for forgiveness.

Luxury cars and limousines act as status symbols and can say a lot just from their presence, like for example, arriving in a BMW says to everyone that you have money. However, it is not just about the car which a man drives, or arrives to pick up his date in either. It is also about the whole package and generally a man who drives a luxury car will be well presented and have an equally well presented and organised life.

So when picking up a special woman it is not enough just to arrive in a nice car. The car has to reflect the image it is trying to present. For example, if you arrive in a Lincoln Town Car which is dirty, rusted or is dirty inside with no space to sit, you have ruined the image the luxury car should create.

Therefore, when hiring a limousine to impress or woo your special date or girlfriend, think about what you are trying to say. More and more, luxury cars are taking one of two routes. They are either becoming sportier and zippier to show off their smooth styling and how fast they can go, or they are becoming bigger and better to look more dramatic and make more of a first impression.

Also, when looking for an impressive limousine you need to make sure you will be picked up in a quality, well maintained and clean limousine as it doesn't matter what kind of car it is, if it is not looked after, it won't be looked at.

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