Prom Limo Head Count

Prom Limo Head Count

When organising your prom night, you want to make sure everything runs smoothly and so you are probably trying to organise everything well in advance. This way you make sure you get everything exactly as you wanted it, and you know everything is organised, leaving you to enjoy the night.

However, when organising your prom night, it is possible to be too organised and booking your prom limo before you have the number of passengers confirmed can lead to a prom disaster. If you, or your parents, are the ones in charge of organising the prom limousine for your friends, to make sure you secure the limo you want, you are likely to have paid a deposit and signed a contract - well your parents will have anyway.

As soon as you pay a deposit and sign a contract, your limo hire is locked in and your deposit is often non-refundable. This is to ensure you get the limo you picked out, and to protect the limo hire company in case you back out and they can't rebook their limo. However, if you have not secured the money from each of your friends who will be sharing the limo, and not confirmed the exact number of prom goers, you could end up paying for limo hire which you can't or won't use.

While you may not have to cancel a limousine you booked early because a few of your friends will not be riding with you, you could be paying more than you need to. The prices of limousines are based on their age, their quality, their brand and of course their size, so if you have booked a twelve seater limousine because you have accounted for all of your friends, but when prom night gets closer you find that five of them have dropped out, you could have hired a much smaller limousine for a much lower price.

For more information about booking the right prom limo in time for your prom night, contact Limo Hire Newport now.

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