Refusing Limo Hire Licenses

Refusing Limo Hire Licenses

The laws for limousine hire companies and operators are different in every state of every country and each has their own reasons. In CT, USA there are different licenses for the limo hire companies if they are operating within the state or are transporting interstate.

The interstate plates are called �Z Plates' and the intrastate plates are called �L Plates' with the only difference being the letter of the plate as both have the same insurance requirements, same inspection regulations, same drivers' licenses and the same financial requirements.

However, the CT Department of Transport (DOT) have been refusing a number of operators their L Plates. The companies meet all of the requirements and they can document their previous financial history as well as show proof of upcoming contracts and customers planning to book the limo hire service when the intrastate travel becomes available.

After being refused L Plates for what may have been competitive reasons, one limo hire company decided to buy an L Plate from another operator who did not need or want their plate anymore. This type of transfer has to be lodged with the DOT to clear up formalities.

The DOT however spent 7 months investigating this limo hire company again, as well as the company they were buying the plate from, who also had a perfect record. The limo hire company was then told that their transfer was approved and the letter was in the mail. After waiting several months for a letter, and being told by DOT that it was still on the way, the limo hire company started taking bookings under their new L Plate status.

When the jobs came to be carried out, the limo hire company did not charge their first customers as they were unsure where they stood about their L Plate, regardless they were met by the DOT who charged them with transporting without authority. While there was no payment received and the limo was not technically for hire, the DOT still stuck to the charges.

This violation therefore marred this limo hire company's record and the DOT went on to state that they were no longer suitable for the L Plates because of the charges against them. This seems to just be another example of big business and big organisations pushing the little guy and hoping they fall over.

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