Resell a Stretch Limousine

Resell a Stretch Limousine

Every limo hire company wants to make sure they have the latest and greatest limousines in the area. This often means adding the newest and most unique limousines to their fleets, and of course this means the one with the most seating, the most accessories and the most stretching. However, some limo hire companies will go to extraordinary lengths to ensure their limousine fleet is the most unique, and this can sometimes get them into a little trouble.

In the course of building the biggest and the best limousine fleet, limousine hire companies and coachbuilders may be infringing on the copyright of the original vehicle. Very few stretch limousines left their original factories in such an elongated state. Many stretch limousines are simply ordinary luxury cars or SUVs which have been stretched, upgraded and resprayed to create super stretch limos or party buses.

So while a limousine hire company operator may also do work as a coachbuilder and has therefore bought a standard luxury car or SUV with the intention of turning it into a stretch limousine, they probably also know they are voiding any manufacturer's warranty, and that their new limousine will need extra reinforcement and new safety features.

However, in the case of a coachbuilder who stretches a luxury car or SUV into a limousine and then goes to sell it to a limo hire company, they may be infringing on copyright. The stretched limousine will still have the badges, markings and styling of the vehicle it was created from, and as a result, its original manufacturer may take exception to their vehicles being significantly modified, and then sold on under their name.

Therefore, before you add a new stretch limousine to your fleet, make sure you know whether the coachbuilder had permission to stretch the original vehicle, to protect you and your passengers from legal and copyright issues.

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