The Inn at the Elm Tree

The Inn at the Elm Tree

Living in the UK means that there are many different cultures and experiences close by just waiting to be explored and enjoyed. So really, the hardest decision you will have to make when it comes time to choose this year's holiday destination is which new experience do you want to do first?

Since you are holidaying in your own country, you want to make sure your escape really feels like an escape. Therefore, you not only need to choose a holiday destination which is far away from your everyday life, but you also need to make sure the transition from everyday to holiday, is tangible.

Therefore, hire a limousine to get your escape off to a unique start and add a bit of romance to your regular holiday routine. Your limousine will take you seamlessly into your holiday mode and ensure you and your partner arrive relaxed and ready for more indulgence.

For a holiday away from it all, the south of Wales offers tranquillity and beauty as well as all of the modern conveniences to make your stay as luxurious as your limousine ride there.

The Inn at the Elm Tree is nestled away in Newport and borders the tranquil marshland bird sanctuary, Wentlooge Flats. The owners of the Elm Tree are sure to be after your own hearts, with their passion for quality food and a good night's sleep ensuring you enjoy every moment of your stay in Wales.

The rooms are all individually designed and decorated with features including four poster beds and Jacuzzi baths. In the restaurant, the Elm Tree aims to indulge your senses in traditional British foods with a modern European twist, making you wish you could pack the chefs into your limousine before you leave.

When you have indulged in the hospitality at the Elm Tree and discovered the tranquillity of a holiday escape without traveller's cheque and passports, stretch your indulgence until you get home, by once again enjoying the luxury of your chauffeur driven limousine.

For more information about escaping to Wales in a limousine, contact Limo Hire Newport now.

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