Down to Earth Limo Hire

Down to Earth Limo Hire

If you are rich, famous, a celebrity or simply in the public eye a lot, you probably want to make sure your arrival at important functions and events is noticed and that you always appear relaxed, in control and ready for anything. This is why you probably choose to ride to these events and functions in a chauffeur driven stretch limo.

Your stretch limo has plenty of room inside for your friends, family, staff, and enough room for you and your partner to relax together before an important event. The limo also has all of the extras that you need on your way to a public event; TV and radio to keep up to date, a fully stocked bar to keep you hydrated and even hook ups for your phone and laptop.

A stretch limo will also always turn heads on arrival, instilling in everyone around a feeling of anticipation at waiting to see who will gracefully emerge from the stunning luxury car. However, there are also times when you need to get around that you don't want people lining up on the street to greet you when you arrive and you just want to go somewhere anonymously.

You may simply want a quiet afternoon at the hairdresser or you may be going to a family event and you don't want to draw them into the intrusive limelight of your career. Therefore, if your limo arrivals are famous and always drawing attention, you need to use a more discreet, down to earth limo if you want a little privacy.

In this case you can use a simple long wheelbase sedan limo which will have all of the comfort and style of your stretch limo but will look more like just another luxury car on the road. The standard limo will still have tinted windows to avoid prying eyes, and if you are not going to a special public event, you don't need all of the extras of your stretch limo, simply comfortable transport.

A standard limo will also be more economical, both for the environment and for your transport budget, and arriving in a car which looks much like a standard luxury car will ensure your family knows you are still down to earth too.

For more information about hiring an attention grabbing or attention deflecting limo for a public event or a private escape, contact Limo Hire Newport now.

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