Limo Hire Newport Important Terms

Limo Hire Newport Important Terms

Limousines just like every other vehicle need to be checked for safety and these checks are even more important than the ones for regular cars as many limousines have been modified and stretched almost beyond recognition and the regulatory bodies need to be sure that the vehicles are still safe.

When hiring a limousine, you need to make sure that it has passed all of these regulations and been checked by the correct departments.

VOSA - Vehicle Operator Service Agency
Is the organisation who issues the licenses for the stretched limousines and inspects the vehicles for safety and legality before allowing the limo hire company to carry any passengers. The VOSA knows all of the required changes and additions needed to make sure that a stretched luxury vehicle is just as safe as a standard one. So before hiring your limousine, make sure it is VOSA approved.

COIF - Certificate of Initial Fitness
This states that the limousine has passed all of the required tests and has adhered to all of the required safety standards to obtain the license they are applying for. Without a COIF, a limousine will be unable to carry passengers legally.

PCV - Passenger Carrying Vehicle
The laws in the UK state that no limousine can carry more than eight passengers because of safety and weight concerns. To carry more than eight passengers, a vehicle must be registered as a PCV, likening it to a bus. So if you are offered a limousine which is advertised to carry more than eight people, make sure it is registered as a PCV as there are additional safety requirements for a higher number of passengers.

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