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Many mothers joke about how they are running a taxi service when chauffeuring their children to school, sporting practice and games, to their friends' houses and even picking their husbands up from the pub.

However, in the US there is a limo hire company called Mom's Limo which transports college students across their campuses after dark and around the neighbourhood when they are nervous about walking through the dark streets.

While the limo service appealed not only because of the luxury ride, but also the sense of security which came from once again being in �mum's taxi', there is so much demand that Mom's Limo can't always keep up with her wandering college students looking for a ride home.

Because the service is not one which is pre-booked, the students simply call �Mom' when they need a ride and wait for her to arrive, it can be a long time between the call and the pick up.

However, while the students are calling at the last minute when they have left the pub to find it is raining and they don't want to walk home, and the limo ride home is free, they are still disgruntled about being left in the dark or the cold.

Since Mom's Limo is provided by their University, it is up to the Uni to provide more cars to pick up stranded and tired students for a trip across campus. Until then, the students simply have to wait in the cold and the dark to be picked up, or walk through the cold dark campus alone, in a neighbourhood which is one of the poorest in the area.

So, while it is a great idea to provide transport, and luxury limousine transport at that, to students after dark, the students are still on their own until the limo eventually arrives.

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