Prom Safety Education

Prom night is an important time for any high school student and a nerve-wracking time for their parents. While the students have been looking forward to their big night all through their high school education, there are so many things which can go wrong to ruin this special night.

With expectations for prom night so high, it is easy for the actual event to fall in a flop. However, this is not always to do with the dressmaker sewing the hem too short or the florist providing the wrong coloured boutonnière. Having the perfect prom night is also about having a safe prom night and this is not something which most school students even stop to consider.

In between the warnings from their parents and teachers to avoid sex, drugs and alcohol on their prom night, many students disregard these warnings as over protectiveness and don't see these dangers coming until it is too late. Therefore, a limo hire company in Syracuse has held the first ever Prom and Senior Ball Event to help school students and their parents prepare for a fun and safe prom night.

The limo hire company took the chance to not only help parents and students ensure that the night was well organised, but also used the event to educated them about their safety regarding drugs and alcohol. The limo hire company running the event also said that their chauffeurs will be sure to store the students' personal belongings in the trunk of the limo, and won't allow the students to go back to the limo unattended in case they are hiding alcohol - or worse - in their belongings.

For many of the local limo hire companies, prom season is their busiest time and many will have the fleets booked out months and sometimes years in advance by eager students or over anxious parents. Therefore, it is in the limo hire industry's best interests that prom night go off without a hitch. When there is an incident at a prom where a student is drunk, or gets into a fight, it is often blamed on the limousine chauffeurs as they are expected to act as chaperones and drivers, all rolled into one.

While the chauffeurs are not supposed to actually be the students' chaperones, they feel a responsibility for the success of the night and the safety of their passengers so if they can head off any issues before they happen through seminars and events of this kind, they will have made a big difference.

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