Restored Limousine

Restored Limousine

While we see more and more limousines on the road and they all seem to be big and shiny and new, doesn't mean they are a new phenomenon in the luxury car industry. However, it can be hard to track down some of the really classic limousines which were built around the 1930s, and when you do they often need a little (well a lot of) TLC.

And this is the hobby which has captured the imagination of retired dentist Dr Russell Rogers, so much so that he has been able to enter his fully restored, 1928 red LaSalle convertible in the Antique Automobile Club of America's national meet. Having already won almost all of the prizes it can in almost every part of the country, the LaSalle will be entered in the Preservation Class which judges who well the car maintains its current quality.

However, before Dr Rogers put his heart, and his back, into restoring his convertible, he worked on a variety of other cars which crossed his path. Having grown up during the Second World War, there were no new cars for Rogers to enjoy and so he and his father worked almost every weekend to keep their own car on the road. At 15, Rogers bought a 1934 two door Ford sedan for $50 from a junk yard and spent the next year fixing it up.

When he was a student at Duke he traded his first car for a 1940 Ford, then moved onto a 1951 Mercury and then onto a Packard. Then he and his wife bought their first new car, a Country Squire Ford station wagon. However, missing working on classic cars, Dr Rogers jumped at the chance offered to him by one of his patients who put him onto a 1948 Lincoln Continental.

Not long after Rogers acquired a 1934 V-12 Cadillac limousine which he drove for a while but found it too heavy and too big for him. Looking for a smaller, sportier car, in 1984 Rogers met the previous owner of his LaSalle convertible who happened to really want a limousine.

After trading his Cadillac limousine for the LaSalle he took his new convertible on a few long road trips before putting all of his efforts into restoring it. Now the LaSalle only drives on and off of its trailer and onto its show sites across the country.

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